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State Selection Board
Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha
For any Technical query/support, Please contact contact: 0674-2532941 (During Office Hour)
or Drop a mail to helpdeskssb(at)gmail(dot)com
For any Technical query/support, Please Contact: 0674-2532941 or drop a mail to: helpdeskssb(at)gmail(dot)com with Application ID
  1. List of the candidates(Physics, Zoology,Mathematics and Sociology) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here   2. Revised Answer Keys of all the Subjects (Adv. No.003/2018)                 Click here
  3. Provisionally Selection List of Commerce,Math,English       Click here   4. Revised Programme for Viva-Voce Test in Telugu       Click here
  5. List of the candidates(Home Science, Telugu and Statistics) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here
  6. List of the candidates(Education,Psychology,Sanskrit) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here
  7. List of the candidates(Hindi and Computer Science) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here
  8. Rejection List(Mathematics,Sociology)                 Click here   9. Rejection List(Computer Science,Hindi,Telugu,Physics,Zoology)                 Click here   10. Rejection List(Political Science)                 Click here   11. Rejection List(English,Education,Sanskrit,Home Science,Psychology,Urdu)                 Click here   12. Rejection List(Anthropology,Geography,Geology,Economics,Chemistry,Logic & Philosophy )                 Click here   13. Final Result of English, Education, Psychology, Home Science,Statistics Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  14. Final Result of Political Science Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  15. Final Result of Anthropology,Geography,Geology & Economics Adv.No.003/18 Click here   16. Final Result of Chemistry,Logic and philosophy Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  17. Final Result of Physics,Zoology,Mathematics & Sociology Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  18. Final Result of Computer Science,Telugu and Hindi Adv.No.003/18 Click here

  19. Final Result of Urdu and Sanskrit Adv.No.003/18       Click here


The State Selection Board has been established by the state Government with a vision to maintain the educational standard of the Non-Government Aided Educational Institutions of the state which have been contributing significantly to the education of common people in a major part of the state including remote and educationally and economically backward areas for a long time, through a process of monitoring and selecting quality personnel for them.


The mission of the State Selection Board, Odisha is to lay down a comprehensive and full proof procedure for recruitment of teaching and non-teaching personnel for non-government aided educational institutions of the state on a regular basis so as to maintain a uniform and healthy educational atmosphere in the state through continuous brain storming deliberations and discussions in the meetings of the board.

The National Policy on Education formulated in 1986 and modified in 1992 aims to provide education of a comparable quality up to a given level to all students irrespective of their caste, creed, residence or sex. It aims at promotion of a nationality, a sense of common citizenship, composite culture and national integration. It lays stress on the need for a radical transformation of the education system to improve its quality at all stages and gives much greater attention to Science and Technology.The State Selection Board, Odisha endorses those national aims and objectives and pursues to acheive them.

Regular activities of the Board

The State Selection Board meets at least once in every month to review the progress of activities of the board and to discuss about the works assigned by the Govt. from time to time for their fruitful execution.