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State Selection Board
Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha
For any Technical query/support, Please contact contact: 0674-2532941 (During Office Hour)
or Drop a mail to helpdeskssb(at)gmail(dot)com
For any Technical query/support, Please Contact: 0674-2532941 or drop a mail to: helpdeskssb(at)gmail(dot)com with Application ID
  1. List of the candidates(Physics, Zoology,Mathematics and Sociology) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here   2. Revised Answer Keys of all the Subjects (Adv. No.003/2018)                 Click here
  3. Provisionally Selection List of Commerce,Math,English       Click here   4. Revised Programme for Viva-Voce Test in Telugu       Click here
  5. List of the candidates(Home Science, Telugu and Statistics) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here
  6. List of the candidates(Education,Psychology,Sanskrit) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here
  7. List of the candidates(Hindi and Computer Science) selected for the Viva-Voce Test Click here
  8. Rejection List(Mathematics,Sociology)                 Click here   9. Rejection List(Computer Science,Hindi,Telugu,Physics,Zoology)                 Click here   10. Rejection List(Political Science)                 Click here   11. Rejection List(English,Education,Sanskrit,Home Science,Psychology,Urdu)                 Click here   12. Rejection List(Anthropology,Geography,Geology,Economics,Chemistry,Logic & Philosophy )                 Click here   13. Final Result of English, Education, Psychology, Home Science,Statistics Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  14. Final Result of Political Science Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  15. Final Result of Anthropology,Geography,Geology & Economics Adv.No.003/18 Click here   16. Final Result of Chemistry,Logic and philosophy Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  17. Final Result of Physics,Zoology,Mathematics & Sociology Adv.No.003/18 Click here
  18. Final Result of Computer Science,Telugu and Hindi Adv.No.003/18 Click here

  19. Final Result of Urdu and Sanskrit Adv.No.003/18       Click here

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